About Branch and Main


Each aspect of our business is customized to your personality and taste.  Color, length, width, height, and style are all decided by you!  Each step in the process is checked and passed to ensure it’s what you want.


We are all sisters with a love for creating.  We are based out of Utah Valley but can deliver to surrounding counties.  Our smaller projects can be sent by mail but larger projects are made to order and will need to be delivered or picked up!


Every table and decoration is made by hand. From the beginning when we choose wood, paint, or paper we strive for quality products that will last.  We hold ourselves to a similarly high standard as we build your unique products.

Learn More About Each Sister


Melodie Peay

Melodie has a background in Landscaping, wedding floral and building websites.  Melodie’s dad is a real do-it-yourself guy.  She grew up helping build the addition to the house and doing all kinds of projects.  It was a real treat when her dad gave her the power drill that he used to build the house.  Melodie’s favorite project was a custom “truss table”.


Lizzy Dearden

Lizzy is the mom of two boys and thought she better get to know power tools so she could be the fun mom. Instead, she discovered a new love! She makes tables and shelves and sequesters herself in her garage with a hammer and Diet Coke. She’s loving this DIY business and is getting used to sawdust in her hair at all times.


Anna Meppen

Anna has always loved making fun crafty projects but never really found her niche until pyrotechnics came into play. She loves creating custom wood burned pieces for the home. When she’s not burning her fingers or trying to get bits of bark out from under her nails, she’s playing with her nieces and nephews and trying to get a man. But really, if you do know anyone who’s looking, she’s pretty desperate.


Paige Dearden

Paige Dearden recently graduated with her BA in Graphic Design. While Paige loves designing on the computer she also enjoys stepping away from the screen to letter, sketch and watercolor. Watercolor became her new found love in her last semester of school when a teacher taught her new technique and inspired her to see things in a new way; especially landscapes and color schemes. Paige is the only girl in a family of five kids and has learned to hold her own through the years. Paige and her new husband Bryant enjoy cooking together and dining at Red Robin.